The new mega yacht family of boats is going to be coming to the market in the nearest future. The idea is that big boats (50-100 meters in length) are more impressive than small ones and the company could make more money in building them. Big boats are unique and they sell more like a “dream” rather than just a beautiful boat. Customers for such yachts are usually people with imagination and often seek professional help in understanding the technology behind the offering. New technology offered by Alarnia LLC include: new materials, allowing to have stronger and more flexible surfaces that’s are essential while sailing in harsh conditions in the sea or the ocean. New hull design leading to a better fuel economy as well as boat’s stability. The exterior and interior designs will make a client feeling “out of the world”.

In the first generation of Alarnia boats, customers will be able to pick “off the shelf” energy generators/propulsion systems; electronics and other things that are already tested at sea and are high level commodity. Design and materials are totally unique.